5 stars 5
So far they have been great. Saw them for fluid in my ears. They were very busy, but they took their time with me. They listened to me. I feel very comfortable with their care.

5 stars 5
I recently had surgery done by the Maryland ENT Center to correct my deviated septum, enlarged turbinates and collapsing nasal valves. Dr. Shikani and his team did an amazing job and today, I can finally breath well out of both nostrils. Something I haven't really been able to experience my entire life.I was first referred to the Maryland ENT Center through my school clinic. Dr. Shikani and his associates, Dr. Mandapathil and Dr. Darwish were very helpful to me throughout the entire process. Rather than rushing me into surgery, they examined my nose, ran tests and asked that I go get a CT scan. It was after reviewing my CT scans together and doing our due diligence that we discussed having surgery. This careful process allowed me to be more confident in my decision to proceed with surgery.I will always be thankful to Dr. Shikani and his wonderful associates who really helped improve my quality of life.

4 stars 4
Briefly saw Dr. Abraham. He was very nice. Great bedside manner. The office staff wasok. Be prepared for the parking nightmare outside the building. We had to park in the neighboring community. Even then, you have to make sure you are not parking in a no parking zone.

5 stars 5
Friendly environment & great services

5 stars 5
Dr Gol is amazing with children! My poor daughter has had sinus infections forever( it feels like) our peds referred us and he was absolutely so kind and welcoming. Explained everything that was going on, in a kids way, so she understood! She felt very comfortable and safe with Dr Gol!