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Sinusitis is a painful condition that occurs when the sinus lining in the nose becomes inflamed or swollen. Typically, it’s caused by the flu or a cold virus that goes away in 2 to 4 weeks.

Although uncommon, bacteria can also infect your sinuses, resulting in sinusitis. Additionally, a fungal infection can cause your sinuses to become inflamed.

Sinuses are tiny cavities that are filled with air. They’re found in your cheekbones, the bones behind your nose, forehead, and between your eyes.

Your sinuses produce mucus that drains into the nose through small channels. But because of inflamed linings, these channels become packed with mucus, leading to a clogged nose and painful pressure inside your nasal cavity.

Keep reading to find out some warning signs that may present themselves if you have a sinus disorder and what can be done!

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Nasal congestion causes your nose to feel stuffed up and blocked and occurs when fluid gets trapped in your blocked sinuses.

Having this congestion interferes with your ability to breathe well. Your sense of smell and taste may also be affected due to nasal congestion.

Sinus Pressure and Pain

When fluid trapped in the sinus cavities fills up, it can cause intense pressure and pain. If you have a sinus disorder, you may find it difficult to sleep or fall asleep, thanks to the extreme pressure in your sinuses.

man holding his nose from sinus pressure

You’ll be able to feel this pain and pressure in your forehead, nose, cheeks, and around the eyes, where the sinuses are located. Sometimes, bending over intensifies the pain.


Infected sinuses can increase your mucus production. As the excess secretions move down to the back of your throat, you’ll feel a tickle that triggers a coughing reflex.

Even if you try to clear your throat, the irritated sinuses will still produce more fluid, resulting in an itch in your throat that doesn’t disappear. The more you try to clear your throat, the more the cough persists.

Bad Breath

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The culprit behind bad breath is breathing through the mouth. If you have a sinus disorder and your sinuses are completely blocked with fluid and mucus, it will cause you to breathe through your mouth automatically.

For this reason, the saliva in your mouth dries out, which is an essential part of keeping your mouth and breath healthy. Having a dry mouth brings on bad breath.

Additionally, when your sinuses are blocked with mucus, the excess discharge is forced to go down the back of your nose and throat.

The mucus leaves behind a yellowish or whitish film, providing the perfect breeding place for bacteria responsible for causing bad breath.


man holding his head in pain

Mucus trapped in the nasal passages makes your face feel heavy. As you move about or lean forward, the extra weight can cause you to feel dizzy or faint.

Colored Mucus

Fungus, viruses, and bacteria alter the color of phlegm. If you have a sinus disorder, your mucus may change to bright yellow or green.

Because sinusitis results in excess mucus production, you might find it impossible to remove all the mucus built-up in your nose despite blowing your nose frequently.


Usually, the pain and pressure of sinusitis cause headaches that can spread to your neck. Sinus pain might also extend to your jaw.

woman holding her head in pain

This pain worsens if the air pressure outside changes or in the morning due to fluid buildup overnight.


Any time your body fights an infection, including a sinus disorder, it requires energy. For this reason, it’s not unusual to feel exhausted as your energy levels get depleted. You can also experience fatigue because of pain or when you’re unable to breathe.

Ear Infection

man holding his ear in pain

A sinus infection can lead to excess mucus getting caught up and trapped in your ears behind the eardrum. It’s here that bacteria or viruses can grow, causing a painful ear infection in addition to the sinus disorder you already have.

Tooth Pain

Some of your teeth, like the upper molars, are located next to your sinus cavities. Although it might sound odd, you can feel some of the pain from a sinus disorder or a sinus infection in your teeth.

Your sinuses often put pressure on the teeth at the back of your mouth. At times, you may even feel pain in your gums and mouth due to a sinus disorder.


woman checking her temperature

Typically, having a fever is an indication of an infection. When you have a fever, it’s a sign that your immune system is trying to fight off a bacterial or viral infection by raising your body temperature.

Doing this is an attempt to kill the bacterial or viral infection. It’s not uncommon to also have a fever that’s accompanied by muscle aches and chills.

Sore Throat

For the most part, mucus from your sinuses drains through your nose and throat without you noticing it. But when you have a sinus disorder, your sinus drainage system malfunctions and interferes with mucus production.

If you have a sinus disorder or a sinus infection, the mucus created will be thicker than it usually is. As the thicker mucus moves down your throat, it can cause irritation and a painful sore throat. Along with irritation and a sore throat, you may also notice that your voice is more hoarse.

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Postnasal Drip

Postnasal drip causes excess mucus to move down the back of the nose to the throat. Postnasal drip can give you a sense of pressure and congestion in your throat.

If you experience postnasal drip, you may have the desire to clear your throat more than usual.

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