Alan Shikani MD FACS as TOP DOC

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Dr. Shikani is the director of the Maryland Nose and Sinus Center and Rhinology Fellowship Program. Since 2006, fellows have some from different areas of the world and spent an entire year training in rhinology under Dr. Shikani’s tutelage. About Dr. Alan Shikani: Alan H. Shikani, MD, FACS, FARS: clinician, researcher, teacher and inventor is […]

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What is Balloon Sinuplasty, and Do I Need One?

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Many people with chronic sinus pain usually accept the pain as part of their life. They may try to manage the unpleasant symptoms with either medication or sinus surgery. But taking medications can come with unwanted side effects. Undergoing a traditional sinus procedure may mean spending a long time recovering, and it might not be […]

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