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The purpose of the Johns Hopkins Crowe Society is:

  1. To assist The Johns Hopkins residents in training in the Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery at the Johns Hopkins University and to achieve excellence by supporting their research and educational activities.
  2. To advance the art and science of otolaryngology by promoting educational, scientific, and community functions.
  3. To encourage fellowship among the alumni and faculty of the department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery of the Johns Hopkins University.

The baton has been passed. The Crowe Society has a new President.

By Alan H. Shikani MD, FACS

It has been said “It is not enough to run the race. We also must pass the baton, and must do it well.” And what a baton it was: the Crowe Society Gavel was formidable and impressive, as was the task of running a Society of extraordinary JHU otolaryngologists. In reality, I feel that this is not a race; and that there is no finish line. It is continuous team effort and the goal is to support the residents and keep the Crowe fellowship alive.

The team worked well together and the Society is thriving. We have raised the Crowe Education Fund to an amazing level of $437,339. The donations at the Centennial Campaign totaled $275,000. Every year, $14,000 in interest goes towards the Crowe goals of residents’ education, equipment, stipends and social events. We have raised $93,000 for the Department’s Temporal Bone Lab, just in our first fundraising year. The goal is a total of $200,000 over 3 years. Once this goal is reached, the lab will be named the “Crowe Society Lab.” We have created an effective private platform for communication and networking among the Crowe members and jump-started 4 different Crowe ventures:

  • Otolaryngology Mission
  • Otolaryngology Innovation
  • Otolaryngology Social Activities
  • Otolaryngology Post it!

The Crowe members will have the opportunity to share their experience in medical volunteering, to tell about their Otolaryngology innovation, to link up to enjoy common social interests and hobbies, and to share their Crowe memories and photographs. We have worked closely with the chairman of the Department of OLHNS, Dr. David Eisele, who helped the Society navigate the Hopkins politics, not a simple thing to do; and we did it with grace and perseverance.

It has been a pleasure and a privilege to serve as president of the Crowe Society. I have learned a lot and I have had a wonderful time. My appreciation and gratitude go to the members of the 2014-2017 Executive Committee, without whom we could not have done it. Many thanks to our treasurer Dr. Ira Papel for managing the finances of the Society, and to our councilmen-at-large Drs. John Price and Roy Schottenfeld for their steadfast assistance with brainstorming, planning, social networking, and much more; together they have made our tenure a success. Special thanks to our administrative coordinator Donna Clare for helping with the communication among the members and the Department and with electronic voting of the Crowe officers & fundraising, and to Sara Levy from DocMatter for her assistance in setting up the Crowe Society website.

We have completed our task and we successfully pass the baton to the next generation of Crowe Officers. The mission is alive and the Crowe Society marches on!

Alan Shikani MD (1984-1991)
President, Crowe Society 2014-2017